Week 3




Monday – I went to Hung Vuong hospital. I sat in a meeting and get acquainted with the staff at the hospital. I got a little tour of the hospital and the different departments. I learned about what each department does and the relationship between different departments.

Tuesday – I had the opportunity to watch baby deliveries and C-section at the delivery department. I learned about the delivery procedure. I asked the nurses about the correct breathing technique the patients should do. Most of the nurses reported that many pregnant women going into delivery do not know about the correct breathing technique. Through the interaction with doctors, nurses, and patients, I was able to identify factors that hinder the learning process, attitudes and beliefs about practicing correct breathing techniques before labor. This satisfies competency 1.5 – examine factors that influence the learning process. Most of the factors I gathered from nurses and patients are lack of knowledge and awareness.

Wednesday – I sat in another meeting about protocols and formalities at the hospital. The head of the department talked about patient safety and correct detailed documentation. Correct and detailed documentation increases efficiency at a large hospital for staff and patients.  Through the day  I continued watching and learning about baby deliveries process and inferring best ways to increase knowledge about correct breathing techniques for pregnant women.

Thursday – I had the opportunity to go to the clinic A at the hospital. I assisted with taking in patients. I got the chance to watch gynecology examines with different techniques. Later in the day, I got the chance to look over a proposal with a public health worker. The proposal was about Rotavirus research study. We carefully read over the proposal. We examined the cost break down of the research study.

Friday – I went to the social work department of the hospital. I learned about the health communication between the hospital and the patients, and between hospital and the staffs. I assisted in a workshop about preparation for delivery. I worked with the health educators to design instruments to collect, meeting competency 4.2. We came up with true/false questions for pre- and post- surveys to test patients knowledge about things should and should not be done before delivery. I also handout brochures to the participants.