Week 3 – Great Wall, Great Memories





Week 3 into Beijing. 4 words: Great Wall of China! This experience has been nothing I could ever imagine or even dream for. From swerving through cliffs to reach a small village, to spending quality time with everyone during the late night, to eating incredible village country side food, to finally climbing up the mountain at 3AM to reach the Great Wall of China and see the sunrise, was just absolutely phenomenal. Never had I ever even dared to have dream of being blessed enough to experience something like this – not even close. I have lived in the city for most of my life – well at least the part that I can remember. The country is a foreign place to me, it can be scary. However, the entire weekend at the Great Wall has proved me wrong. I slept with dozens of moths in my room, I missed out on a shower, I climbed up a steep mountain with the risk of my clumsiness. I am doing things I would have never imagined myself to do, let alone love it. Week 3 into this incredible trip and I feel as though I have assimilated into this foreign culture. Seeing the sunrise above the clouds and on top of the mountain seriously took my breath away. I am very thankful for this amazing experience. China, you have changed my view, thoughts, and life as a whole.