Week 2 in Seoul, South Korea






I am back with another update about my time here in Seoul, South Korea!

Since I am still in quarantine there has been a lot of repeats from last week. I have been studying as much as I possibly can to be prepared for when I am able to leave quarantine and explore. This week has been a lot of vocabulary and pronunciation practice. While studying Korean I have also been studying and looking back on my coding work, so I am prepared for my classes this fall.

Starting off the week I had a list of vocabulary words that I wanted to have memorized by the end of the week. For pronunciation I looked up different YouTube videos of specific words or phrases that I was practicing. Along with studying vocabulary and practicing my pronunciation I was also learning different Korean songs!

Thursday I had to go get a second Covid PCR test as required to be released from quarantine. This time it went a lot smoother because I knew what to expect. Since this is my last week in quarantine, I have also been watching videos to understand the subway and bus systems. I also downloaded a lot of recommended phone applications that should make navigation and getting around a lot easier.

I cannot express how excited I am! I will be out of quarantine and experience Seoul soon. Next week will have a lot more interesting stories and pictures as I will be really starting my journey that I have been waiting so long for!

(The is another picture I took when I was on my way to my quarantine destination!)