week 14


pt 1

There are people with all these degrees & certificates but are failing in the school of love. People spend so many years + money (even get into debt) in school to obtain so many degrees/certificates. And there is nothing wrong with that. But don’t be fooled, you invest your three T’s (time, talents, treasures[money]) into what matters to you. Have you noticed there has been a statistical trend? More and more (black) people are getting higher education and college degrees. But at the same time, more and more (black) people are not entering long-term committed SUCCESSFUL relationships/marriages. On the other hand, divorce rates have been increasing amongst the black community. One thing I have been more intentional about working on is gaining emotional intelligence. One way to build stronger friendships + relationships, improve communication skills, be empathic and understanding, and so much more is by being emotionally intelligent. I am currently reading this book, but I am loving it so far!


pt 2


My big brother came to Ghana and he took me to his tailor to go and get some clothes/fabric to make some Kaftans.


pt 3


I went on a date with my friend  to sandbox beach club! It is a seaside restaurant in Osu, Ghana. The food was okay. I really loved the experience though and the time to make memories with people i love.