week 13


pt 1

This is from my Ghanian traditional drumming class. This was after our final examinations. On that day, me and a couple classmates came in early to practice before the final exam. All semester we have been learning two traditional Ghanian dance/song/drumming forms. The first one is called Kpatsa. Kpatsa is done among the Dangme people in the greater accra region. The second one is called Kpanlogo. Kpanlogo is done among the Ga’s in the accra region (jamestown, tema).

pt 2

This is a tub top that I got made here on campus from a seamstress in my building. I remember seeing a similar tub top on my friend a while ago so I decided to get a couple of them myself! I love them sooo much so I will be getting a bunch more before I go back home.


pt 3

I went to go get my toes and finger nails done at Amari nail and wax bar! I literally go to that place all the time and love it each and every time. The atmosphere and service is so nice. And I love the way my nails turn out each time.