Week 12 – Festivals & Events


There are interesting differences between universities in South Korea and the United States. The university holds a festival for post-mid-term celebrations for university students for their hard work and studying during the spring semester. For example, Korea University, Hanyang University, Kyunghee, and so many others. During the fall semester in South Korea, the events are primarily about sports games and competitions between universities.

But the spring semester is when there is a celebration for the competitions that had taken place in the fall, post-exam, and graduation. University academic year starts in the Spring. The word for the university festival is ‘대동제’ (Daedongjae). The duration of the festival and dates are typically held in May after midterm exams. During the festival, there are performances from famous artists, students of different club activities, and more. Also, there will be an opening of food booths for students to raise funds for their clubs or student organizations.

Famous artists like PSY, AESPA, and other bands and individual artists are slotted to perform for these university festivals. So you have a chance to watch these artists for free! However, be warned: these festivals are packed, especially with famous artists like PSY.

There are games that you can play at booths on the campuses. For example, the University of Seoul had a Disco Pang Pang where you are spun around in circles and bumped until you fall to the ground. Make sure you have a good grip!! You can also make friends with people who are attending the festival–some from the university or students who heard about it from other universities. There is a lot of alcohol on campus during these festivals. Everyone was drinking during the celebrations and everyone was partying. Koreans can really drink!

This is a fun time to study abroad in South Korea so make sure to join and enjoy the festivities while you are here in the spring semester.