week 10 pt 3


Image 1 – this picture is showing a word from my traditional african drumming class. The word is called ‘kpatsa’ which is a traditional ghanian dance/music/drumming form. Kpatsa is a traditional Ghanaian dance of the Ga-Dangme people of Greater Accra Region which is associated with the African dwarfs called abodo in Dangme1. It is believed to imitate the limping gaits of the African dwarf and its uneven leg by the indegenes. It is believed that, the African dwarf has one leg longer and the other shorter. As it walks in the forest of dry leaves, the longer leg tends to produce the ‘kpa’ sound while the shorter leg ‘tsa’. This is because the distance between the shorter leg and the ground is wider than that of the longer leg.

Image 2 – this image is from a town we visited in the northern region.