Week 1 in Morocco





1. This photo was taken outside of my abroad institution at the local café. Many of the students on my program enjoy going to this café because of its convenient proximity and variety of snacks and drinks. The café is French inspired, and it is a great place to practice our formal and colloquial Arabic skills that we learn in class. Whether we are ordering juice, coffee, or tea, it is always delicious! (Delicious in Moroccan colloquial Arabic is “bneen” or بنين).

2. This photo was taken at our hotel that we stayed at during our orientation portion of the program. I love this picture because it was taken during a time where I could visibly see closer bonds being forged between students. Behind the camera is several students signing a Real Madrid and Barcelona jersey that we got as a “thank you” for the extremely welcoming hotel staff. While sitting in the windowsill, I could see the medina of Rabat as well as the vibrant night life that the city has to offer. You can see many people having teatime, shopping, or taking nightly strolls which are extremely common in this community.