Week 1 and Water Festivals in Korea


Hello Everyone!

For my summer in Korea, I’m taking Korean beginner’s class. Because I’m in Korea, I get a lot of chances to practice my Korean. With the locals, language partner, in and out of class! The signs being all in Korean also helps me keep reading the language and in practice. I also picked up words from little things like subway/bus announcements, store announcements and advertisements. I’m learning the language very fast, and comprehension is much improving. I’m much satisfied with my daily improvements of the language.

They are many summer related events during summer in Korea. From K-Pop concerts to water festivals. One of the biggest in Seoul is the Waterbomb Festival and another one is the “Sinchon Water Gun Festival”. Unfortunately, the Sinchon Water Gun Festival – the biggest of water gun festival, was cancelled this year. Though I had the opportunity to go to the Waterbomb Festival and I must say it’s must thing to do in Summer! Unlike the Sinchon Water Gun Festival, waterbomb is water guns and kpop music festival in one. In between intervals of big artist coming to the stage, you also get music’s from famous DJs and water blasts to the audience! Also during intervals, everyone goes to the water refill station to fill up their water gun tanks. It’s very refreshing to have a water splashed at you and cools you down from the heat. It lasts up until the night and happens during the weekend so there’s no excuse not to attend one. You may notice when buying the ticket for the event, you will see two colors. For Seoul, it was Green and Yellow. It doesn’t matter which you pick as it seems no one at the event really cares if you’re green or yellow time to fight water guns with you. Everyone here is to enjoy. If you stay front near to the stage, prepared to get gallons of water on you and that’s where the most fun is so try to get there if you can. Front of the stage also allows you to see the stage clearly and you can water gun the artist if you’re in the right spot. If you happen to be way back in the end, it’s fine as well because this is where people are water gunning each other and enjoying as well. Wherever you are, it will be enjoyable event and make friends around!

Also before attending this, you should come prepare and have spare dry clothing. Even if you don’t have one, there’s no need to worry. They are many dry heaters installed just before you head out to dry yourself up a bit. I wouldn’t try to do this as the event is about to end since you will likely not get a chance to stand there. They’re also food carts in area as well and everything else you need for the event is out there before you head in. Water guns, covers for your phone, bag protections etc. are a bit pricier than Daiso but it’s last resort if you didn’t have chance to prepare before hand. Slippers/ crocs are a must as well otherwise you’ll ruin your shoes.

That’s it for today, see you again next week!:)