Volunteering, Planning, and the Best Crepe I’ve Ever Had







This week has involved a lot of working, and a bit of exploring. On Thursday I organized the library at Light Project Pro International for about 4 hours, and they were so excited about it that they posted a picture of me in the library to thank me. It felt really good to help out! Afterwards I went to Sky Garden, which is a free place to go in London. The building stretches over 500 feet into the air, and it provides panoramic views of the city. I decided I wanted to go to Tate Modern before I went home, and I really enjoyed that as well. This was my first time visiting an art gallery on my own, and I loved going at my own pace.

During the weekend I spent more time doing volunteer work from home, planned for my upcoming trips, and worked on school projects. I recently finished my paper about my visit to the Tower of London. I discussed the history and ethics about the animals kept in the tower throughout its history – specifically the Royal Menagerie and the Tower Ravens. I really enjoyed writing it and I am excited to write more papers involving British culture.

On Sunday I hung out with a new friend and we went to Camden market together. It was easily one of the coolest spots I have seen so far in London. It reminded me of Pike Place market in Seattle, but with more variety of shops. Afterwards we attempted to go to a cat cafe, but it turned out we needed a reservation to get in, so we had to change our plans.

I routed us to a random cafe nearby, and although I didn’t recognize the name when I saw it on my map, once we were inside I instantly knew where we were. I have watched numerous videos about the cafe over the past couple of years and have been dying to go. It’s called Said dal 1923, and it is known for its chocolate. We shared a chocolate crepe, and it was the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. I also got a hot chocolate, which they covered in white, milk, and dark chocolate on the outside. I already made a reservation to go back next week to try out a different chocolate dessert!

I am looking forward to next week. I have a trip to Barcelona planned, and I have some projects due in my classes. I am having fun with a group project in my contemporary art history class, and I’ve also been happy with my British Life and Culture class. However, I think my favorite class is creative writing. I really enjoy delving into my thoughts to produce short stories and poetry. I am already improving a lot!

(Pictures: Said dal 1923, View from Sky Garden)