Vlog Update


Hello, it has been a little while since I updated so I want to talk about a lot that has happened these last few weeks. First, I want to start off with Halloween and the craziness that was, and then I want to talk about how my schoolwork is going!

So first, on October 30th there were already people dressing up for Halloween which was so nice to see. By that I mean it was very interesting seeing all the different outfits and ideas that everyone was coming up with. The most frequent outfits that I saw were from Squid Games the Korean drama. My friends and I really explored over the Halloween weekend. What made the weekend even more special was all the people I got to meet. I would go up to random people and complement their outfits and begin talking to them and the next thing I know we became friends. The amount of decoration and design in some shops and areas was so amazing as well. Halloween will definitely be one of my most memorable moments about studying in South Korea.

Now to the interesting not so interesting part. Lately, classes have been going really well, specifically my Korean class. I am so confident now that I can just start a conversation with people I meet. I am confident enough to order whatever I want and how I want it. When I first arrived in Korea, I would order what my friends would order or what seemed the easiest sometimes. Since then, I have grown into a completely confident person. My Korean class has really helped me so much and I am so thankful for that class. When I talk to my Korean friends I am always trying my best to speak Korean, and when I mess up they help me which really helps me learn as well. Although my class has helped me a lot, it is starting to become very difficult. I find myself confused a lot of the time in class and end up studying for so many hours to understand. Although very difficult, I still really love this class and look forward to it every day! Apart from classes, I have decided to go on walks to Yonsei when the weather is nice and it has been something really relaxing that I also love. Since it is currently fall, the walking paths and areas are so beautiful.

This is how my last few weeks have gone. I am either studying or spending time out with my friends. Halloween weekend was definitely a memorable moment that I wish was every day! My Korean class has become something I absolutely love despite the difficulty, and my confidence in speaking Korean has grown so much. This weekend I have plans with my roommates to go out and have a day of only speaking Korean while also going to different cafes, shops, and beautiful sites. Since we are getting closer to our departure date, I want to spend as much time as I can exploring the rest of Seoul