VLOG: Norway June 13th-18th, 2019




We are on vacation in Norway and would like to share some videos of our experience.  I completed an enormous hike to a place called Trolltunga, sailed on boats, trains, buses, and trams.  It was quite an experience with the family as our final vacation while living in Germany.  We will be sad to leave in just 6 weeks, but I’d say that we’ve done so much, and might just be ready to head “home.”

Footage from the famous Trolltunga hike in Odda, Norway!

I hope you enjoyed my hike! This hike was INTENSE! I was sore for days after and was dehydrated and suffered from low caloric intake.  I will admit that I didn’t bring enough supplies (my brother didn’t bring anything, so I had to share with him).  I was such a wonderful experience, in a separate post, I’d like to share an experience that I had at the top!

Grüße aus Norwegen!!