VLOG: June 9th, 2019 @ North Sea




Hey Everyone,

Been a little while since my last update, but don’t worry, I have PLENTY coming your way!  I’ve been SLAMMED at school lately as I am preparing for my Klausuren (final exams).  Now, as you’ll see in the video, they are not for a month, but trust me, this is the time to start preparing.

We are now on our FINAL VACATION and it’s going great so far!  Stay tuned for updates as we visit museums, tierparks, the city of Hamburg, and our departure to Bergen, Norway!!!

In this VLOG:

We had such a beautiful day at Cuxhaven in northern Germany.  I visited this area 13 years ago with my host brother, Andreas.  It’s such a privilege to be able to see him again and explore this part of the world with my family at my side.  There were many emotions, laughs, and reflections during these first few days here.

Grüße aus Deutschland!


Enjoying the views of the North Sea with Ezra (@ low tide)