Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le! VIVA CHILE!






….And I am done with week 6! Sorry for my absence these past few weeks! It’s been pretty hectic with my classes and observations. Anyways, my time in Santiago has flown by so fast. I only have 2 more weeks here!

Last Wednesday was the semifinals of the FIFA Federation Cup held in Russia where Chile played against Portugal. Football (soccer in the States) is big in Chile (as it is with basically all other Spanish speaking countries and European countries!). So big that some professors let their students skip class to watch the game or just watch the game in class! Anyways Chile won with an epic showdown during the penalty kicks– 3-0 was the final score!

After the game, people were literally roaring outside. Cars were honking the Chilean chant: “Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le! VIVA CHILE!,” Other Chileans were yelling “VIVA CHILE!” out their car windows and on the streets. Everywhere, there were Chileans waving Chilean flags. I knew football was big here but didn’t realize to what extent.

Sunday was the finals for the FIFA Federation Cup. The streets were packed with cars around 12 pm with people traveling to their friends’ or family’s home to watch the game together (game started at 2:00 pm). I watched the game with a Chilean family while eating lunch. Sadly, Chile didn’t win the FIFA Federation Cup. :(

On another note, I promised to post pictures of my trip to the Atacama Desert. Here are some long-awaited pictures from the Atacama Desert and some background info about the Desert:
-It is in the northern part of Chile
-One of the driest places in the world
-It has really clean air (a little dry, but not unbearable)
-It is known for its salt lakes
-Before, people used to use the salt from the desert for cooking, cleaning, etc.
-Now, it is a nature preserve so you can’t just grab salt willy-nilly from the ground (haha :D)

The white stuff seen in the background is not snow. It’s salt! :]

Don’t be fooled by the picture. I actually did sandboard down a hill. It was just that the picture was taken in the best area before I went down the hill.

If you are thinking about visiting Chile, make sure the Atacama Desert one of the places you visit!

More pictures! I spent last weekend skiing in the Andes and went to a few museums: a children’s museum and a science museum.

I will be posting again real soon!

Stay tuned! :]

Adios for now,