Visiting Ueno Zoo




I went to Ueno Zoo as a little self field trip, and I wasn’t aware of this before I actually went, but Ueno is very big on pandas! The reason that I was speculating was because the zoo itself has a very special panda enclosure and the city of Ueno is using it as its mascot. I didn’t get to see the pandas myself because the wait in the line was a few hours at least but I did get to see the rest of the zoo. The rest of the zoo itself is very busy as well. It was even split into various portions with even an aquarium and a savannah exhibit to emulate the animal’s natural habitat.

Since the zoo was bustling with a few thousand people, I decided to check out the city outside of the zoo and It was then that I realized that the zoo itself was located inside a really massive park which is just called Ueno Park. Looking around the surrounding park, there is a lake with swan boats which were primarily for couples. Along with the lake, there is a small shrine with a row of food stands situated right in front of the lake so that passerbyers can get a really stunning view of the surrounding nature of the park.