Visiting the Royal Pavilion




Brighton can be described as Brighton is a lively city with a combination of modern and historical pieces. This city is bigger than I imagined which is exciting because it gives me more opportunities to explore and to get to know Brighton throughly.

I visited the Royal Pavilion as part of a class trip for my British Culture module this week and learned the history behind such a grand and extravagant palace. The Royal Pavilion is a feast for the eyes both from the outside and inside of the palace. The outside structure has an Indian style while the inside is based on Chinese. Our tour guide explained to us how back to when the Royal Pavilion was being built, there was not much knowledge of the Chinese style and culture therefore whatever amount of information and furniture was then amplified and put throughout the entire palace, hence the large amounts of dragons, bells, and snakes.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside therefore I can only say from my experience you must visit it! The inside of the Royal Pavilion is magnificient and grand with intricate details including; dragons, snakes, lotus flowers, bamboo like edges, and bells,  this place was truly fit for a king! There were many chandeliers with huge dragons hanging from the ceiling holding everything together. I learned that this was once a getaway palace for King George IV and that the construction of the palace began in 1787. Such a grand place took many years to create since it was transformed from a small vacation house to an elegant palace with lots of rooms. King George IV had the luxury of having a beautiful and spectacular dining room, as well as a music room, saloon, and even a modern kitchen (well for their times).

We came to visit the Royal Pavilion at a good time, as it recently opened access to all rooms. The visit to the Royal Pavilion was a great experience to learn about the history of Brighton and how the Royal Pavilion shaped Brighton to what it is today.  Can’t wait to further explore Brighton!


The Royal Pavilion.