Venice Voyage Week 4: Navigating Canals and Creating Memories





Ciao from Venice! Week 4 whisked me away to the enchanting city of canals, where every corner is a postcard-worthy scene. Joined by my three roommates and newfound friends from the study abroad program, our journey was a delightful mix of exploration and shared laughter.

The adventure kicked off with an early train ride from Torino, and as we arrived in Venice, the iconic architecture and the sweet scent of Italian cuisine welcomed us. Navigating the labyrinthine streets, we quickly discovered that every turn held a hidden gem – from quaint cafes to bustling markets. The city’s unique charm captivated us as we strolled through narrow alleyways and crossed picturesque bridges.

The heart of our Venetian escapade, of course, was the Grand Canal. Boarding a waterbus (which is exactly how it sounds, a bus on water!), we cruised along the waterways, marveling at the elegant facades of historic buildings lining the shores. The vibrant colors of Venetian architecture reflected in the shimmering canal waters created a mesmerizing spectacle.

Our wanderings led us to must-see spots like St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. The detailed mosaics in St. Mark’s were awe-inspiring, a living history lesson in every tile. The Doge’s Palace offered a glimpse into the grandeur of Venetian governance, and we even strolled across the famous Bridge of Sighs. It was like stepping into a Venetian storybook, each moment adding a page to our own adventure.

Being Americans with a deep appreciation for Mexican cuisine, the craving for it lingered since our arrival. To our surprise and delight, we stumbled upon an incredible Mexican restaurant in Venice. After a month without this comfort food, enjoying it while on vacation felt like a much-needed taste of home. Venice’s diverse culinary offerings added layers of flavor to our journey, from relishing fresh seafood at a canal-side trattoria to treating ourselves to creamy gelato beneath the shadows of historic buildings. Each meal became a unique celebration of both our cultural tastes and the rich gastronomy of Venice.

Amidst the enchanting canals and historic architecture of Venice, our journey encountered an unexpected twist that put our critical thinking & problem-solving skills to the test. One night, after returning around 4 am, we discovered the power was out throughout our Airbnb. To our surprise, the apartment’s power was intricately connected to the drain system. As I attempted to take a shower, chaos ensued—water flooded the bathroom, pouring into the hallway and seeping into adjacent rooms. Faced with this unforeseen challenge, we swiftly gathered all available towels to soak up the water, employing makeshift solutions until the landlord could address the issue the next morning. Despite the unexpected hiccup, we remained in good spirits, finding solace in each other’s company and concluding our trip on a positive note. The experience not only added a unique chapter to our Venetian adventure but also highlighted the importance of adaptability and camaraderie in navigating the unexpected. We definitely made a memory that will last a lifetime!

Our Venetian adventure was not just about the remarkable landmarks or delectable cuisine; it was a collective experience of discovering the city’s soul with friends who started as strangers and quickly became an integral part of this Italian chapter. Here’s to Venice – a city that painted our week with unforgettable strokes of beauty, culture, and camaraderie.