Venice, Italy





The beautiful, magical Venice, I loved it more than I can explain. It was so different than any other city I have been to. I loved that all transportation is via boat, even the ambulances and garbage collectors. Immediately after we got off the train we hopped in a taxi boat to the port we needed for our hotel. I especially loved that our hotel was a three minute walk from Venchi, by far the best gelato place in Italy. This first boat ride was exhilarating, Venice is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. From their buildings, churches, bridges, the water, everything.

The pictures of the colorful buildings below were taken on a boat during a tour of the islands Murano and Burano. During which, I had the pleasure of witnessing a craftsman make the beautiful Murano glass that Italy is so famous for. He made a bowl, a horse figurine, and a bird figurine. It is amazing what humans are capable of creating out of such simple materials. We then had some time to explore on each island. Burano island was by far my favorite, it is famous for the colorful houses and buildings. Seeing so much vibrance and beauty in the places that people lived was such a positive experience, I spent the rest of my day in a genuinely happy mood. It makes me wonder how much happier people would be if we added more color into our houses back in the states.

The next picture is me in front of Saint Mark’s basilica. A breath taking building just as all the rest of them. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go inside but the outside did enough justice I’d say.

The count down has begun – three weeks until I am back on American soil!