Vegan in the City







Advertisement for plant-based milk in the tube.


Is that obnoxious enough for you? Most of the time once somebody mentions the word vegan, even in a subtle and innocent way, you can feel others’ eyes rolling into the back of their heads. People always assume you’re going to start pushing your beliefs on them. Some vegans do that, but I am not that vegan. I have my lifestyle and you have yours. Fair enough. The purpose of this post is just to elaborate on my experience of eating a vegan diet in London.

Some backgroung: I became vegan around 2 years ago when I came back from my year abroad. I have been a pescetarian since 7th grade and I wanted to go full vegan right before I went to Italy, but my mom hardcore reprimanded me. She stated how I wouldn’t fully experience the culture if I limited my diet, which is true. Cheese is kind of a big deal in Italy. Anyway, I started my plant-based lifestyle back in the States.

I’m not a perfect vegan; I slip up here and there, but I’d say I’m strict 90% of the time. Being a vegan in America isn’t horribly difficult. The biggest struggle I’d say is going out to eat. There’s often not a 100% vegan option and you’ll end up having to make some substitutions or remove the cheese/eggs. It can get quite bland and annoying-why am I paying the same price for a pizza if I’m not getting all of the toppings included? But hey, it’s my decision and I’ll take on the consequences. So to sum it up: America is a decent place to be a vegan.

Now being in London, let me tell you this: It’s a vegan’s dream. Almost every restaurant I’ve been to has at least 1 vegan option, and there’s so many strictly vegan restaurants/bakeries. I’ve even heard talk of vegan fish and chips. Most grocery stores even have a store-brand vegan line. There’s no denying that London is a progressive city. It’s exciting to see the acceptance of plant-based diets grow and I hope other places follow suit.