Vatican Blog


One of my adventures this week was to go to the Vatican. It’s pretty surprising that I haven’t gone sooner since I live around the corner of this little country. Finally by doing this I have not just fulfilled my own dream but also the dream of my parents since they have also wanted to go but are unable to. My trip started in the afternoon, around 2 pm. I decided to walk there since it was the cheapest option and since it was only about a 20 minute walk. As I walked there I passed many local restaurants that made the air smell amazing. I also passed by many local stores such as a leather store and other artisanal businesses. There were so many stores specializing in a certain good or service. This still surprises me since being at home we usually go to mega stores such as Target or Walmart, since they have a bit of everything. Although I feel like having small businesses like this gives the city a very welcoming vibe. As I walked I also saw many stands selling souvenirs which really reminded me of flea markets back home so before even going into the Vatican I stopped to buy some rosaries and other souvenirs. After this I finally got to the Vatican Museum where I met up with my friend. Fun fact about the Vatican museum, there is a discount for students which makes the price of the tickets €8, just make sure that you have proof that you are a student (I showed my email ). It can be a little overwhelming since it’s a huge museum but what we did was follow the tour guides so we wouldn’t get too lost and it worked out since we got to see every exhibit in there. There is quite a variety of pottery from before christ as well as many many stone statues. They also had Egyptian exhibits as well as many sarcophagus from many different times. Of course there were hundreds of paintings and frescoes in this museum, there’s even many Michaelangelo’s paintings, especially in the Sistine Chapel which is where the museum ends. One thing I learned is that you are not allowed to take pictures in there, I was not too sure if it was because there was a small mass going on or if it was overall not allowed. One thing that surprised me was the heat in the chapel. It was really hot and humid inside there due to the amount of people who were in the chapel. I recommend carrying a water bottle with you since it is quite a walk, you’re almost walking the whole country. I would also recommend stopping and taking your time admiring all the exhibits. Not only are they beautiful works of art but you will also get a chance to rest, and not tire yourself out too soon. It was overall a beautiful experience, it’s not what I expected. I thought it would be more religious but it has a mixture of everything which is what I really liked.