Value of Family





My time here in Madagascar is quickly coming to an end. It has been a different experience than I thought it would be but I have met some great people and have made some great memories. I think I am definitely going to miss my host families. I have lived with a family that is very small and one that is a lot larger. In each home I found my place and the families embraced me like I was their own. Spending so much time with my little sister Liantsoa in my urban homestay reminds me of how important it is for me take time out of my day to sit and talk with my younger sisters back home. Before dinner Liantsoa and I sit and talk and discuss our day. She does most of the question asking but I’ve learned to enjoy the conversations. Through our conversations I am able to help her improve her English and learn new vocabulary words. She often teaches me new Malagasy words and asks me about school and the other students on my trip. At home, in America, I am so stuck in my own world that at times I do not pay enough attention to the lives of my sisters. When I get back home I want to work on building a better relationship with them. The rural homestay continued to show me the importance of family. My host mom was surrounded by her parents as well as her brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews. Everyday different cousins were visiting me at my home and it was beautiful to see such a close knit family. As much I wanted my privacy, I enjoyed every  minute I had with them. We could not communicate that well or at all in some cases but we always found a way to make each smile and laugh. I came here to learn about Traditional Medicine and have learned so much more.