Unleashing Potential: The Power of Motivation




Motivation is an underlying force that fuels challenges into opportunities and pushes us beyond our limitations. It instills a sense of purpose, where we can achieve our fullest potential. Motivating others can lead to a significant change in the member’s attitude toward the project and allow them to achieve more.

Throughout my summer abroad in Barcelona, Spain, I worked with a travel boutique agency. Where I was tasked with contributing to their social media, catalog, blogs, and other aspects of marketing and social media aimed at improving user experience on our services and products. Despite my initial struggle navigating platforms like Meta Business and Google Analytics, my colleagues displayed exceptional teamwork by breaking down the information and making things easily accessible. While moments of uncertainty did cause times of self-doubt, the unwavering support and encouragement from my peers greatly encouraged me, enabling me to complete the tasks efficiently. Within the first month, I made multiple Instagram posts, refined blogs and catalogs, and monthly marketing reports. The open hospitality contributed to creating a structured foundation for my tasks, allowing me to excel in my role.

With two weeks left in my internship, a new intern joined the team with a background in accounting. She was first tasked with social media and marketing due to one of the finance supervisors’ absence. She had no experience with either of the two subjects and was discouraged once tasks were assigned. Taking notice of her predicament, I took the initiative of the role of a mentor. I guided her through the array of external websites I often used to complete my tasks. Including tools like Canva, Meta Business, and Google Analytics. Additionally, I showed her examples from the agency’s Instagram and Facebook pages, along with sharing my marketing reports and templates. I assured her she could ask any questions she had and confirm with me if she had any uncertainties. This approach not only allowed her to see the direct impact of her contributions but also boosted her confidence. It was remarkable to witness how a small investment of time could create a positive transformation. Moreover, with some of the tasks requiring collaboration, we leveraged our distinct strengths and perspectives and harmoniously worked together. We were able to accomplish many things by working together, creating weekly social media posts, making videos for the TikTok account, and going on outings to film content.

As the end of my internship came to an end, I was able to notice the valuable contributions I had made to the company. Not only did I enhance the company’s social media presence but also fostered the creation of a friendly working environment. Through the efforts of working together with my colleagues, it prompted motivating each other to achieve our collective goals. In conclusion, my experience in Barcelona taught me how the act of motivating a colleague can foster self-assurance and bolster achievements. Motivation not only creates a positive work atmosphere but also results in lasting impact.