University of Kent and Reculver Towers


My plan this week was to try the bus routes/numbers I need to take to get to the University of Kent. I also wanted to spend some time in Canterbury learning, my way around the city. My bus stop is very close to the house where I am staying, which is very convenient. From this bus stop, I have to take bus # 7 to the bus station in Canterbury and from there are three different busses I can take to the university. The bus took about 30 minutes to get to the bus station in Canterbury, and from there, the bus ride to the university took about 15 minutes. I made it to the University without any issues, and I was able to walk around campus, see the library, bookstore, some of the school buildings, coffee shops, etc. Once I have my schedule, I plan to go to campus again to find the buildings/classrooms where my actual classes will take place. The campus sits on a hill and looks over the city of Canterbury. On my way back to Herne Bay, I stayed in Canterbury for a few hours to see the city and find information about tours of the Cathedral. I am planning to do the tour soon. I still have lots to see, but I am already fascinated by this area of Kent. Canterbury is surrounded by a city wall from Roman times and is within proximity to charming coastal towns. One of them is Herne Bay. In South Carolina, going on walks is part of my routine, and it has been very nice to be able to go on long walks along the oceanfront or to visit specific places around town, like the Reculver Towers and Roman Fort. The Roman Fort later became an Anglo-Saxon monastery and then a church in Reculver. Today these towers serve as navigational markers for ships. Although the weather is not as warm as it is in the U.S. this time of the year, it has been very pleasant with some sunny days and not a lot of rain. I hope that next week I can find more historical spots to visit during my walks. These first couple of weeks, I have also stayed in regular communication with my children and family in the U.S., keeping them up to speed on my progress here and making sure that everything is ok at home.