University Culture


Attending Korea University, I have participated in many on campus events, one of them being school clubs. All the exchange students are a part of a club where we get to interact with other exchange students through lunches, dinners, and other club events. We have had a field day where we broke up into teams and played various sports with each other. There are also after parties for these events where you can get closer to the people in your groups. This is something that every club does. My roommate and I joined a dance club together to be able to interact with more of the Korean students and even learn some of the choreographed dances that the club performs at school events. The club also had after parties for members to be able to get closer.

Besides club specific events, the University also has a Cheering Day for all the students. This was different then any kind Homecoming event I have had in in high school or during college. There are specific songs that the cheering squad sings and have choreography to. This choreography is matched by different dance moves done by all the students. Besides raising school spirit, they also have songs to make fun of their rival school. All the students end up learning these dances at these events by watching others and joining in. Many of these dances include grabbing the shoulders of the person next to you no matter if you know them or not and everyone moving side to side or front to back. This kind of cheering happens at most of the larger school events. Unlike most American colleges, where most cheers are only verbal, I felt that these events built up more comradery between students. It was also just more fun to have more of an active role it these songs, rather than just clapping and watching.

Korea University also often has festivals throughout the semester. Similar to other universities there is a student fair for clubs and other things, but larger clubs also put on their own events. The exchange student club had an event to introduce students to other countries and have them interact with them through food and games.

Besides this Korea University has a festival called Ipselenti, where artists come and perform on campus for the students. The whole week leading up to the event they have many different clubs and artists perform while there are games and other events happening around the common area. This event is nothing like a Homecoming parade with a special guest at the end of the week that most colleges do. It seems more like a weeklong concert put on for free by the school, which provides food trucks for students to enjoy.

Campus life is very different from what I am used to. It was easier to meet people and make new friends, as well as enjoy everything the semester had to offer.