The Uncharted Zone Part II







Continuing on from my last post, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite experiences since being here. This experience would have never happened if I remained in my comfort zone.

Prior to a couple weeks ago, I had never gone solo to a concert, and I am quite an avid concert-attendee. One of my favorite bands, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, was playing a show in London on Halloween (which just so happens to be my favorite holiday.) It was too perfect for me to not go, but I was nervous about doing it on my own. None of my friends listened to the band so it really was my only option. I contemplated it for a while, and I finally built up the nerve to hit purchase on the ticket. Looking back, it doesn’t sound like that hard of a task to do, but to have never done it before, it was kind of a big step for me.

I left straight from work to walk to the venue, and the excitement had completely washed out the nerves. While on my walk there, I ran into the bass player Charlie Holt. I was fan-girl-level excited and I gave him a hug. So everything’s going great at this point, and it got even better when I arrived and got to be the first person in line.

Once in line, it was a bit of a lonely wait. But once inside, I coincidentally heard American accents around me and I couldn’t stand there without saying anything. I turned to the two people behind me (a boyfriend and girlfriend) and said, “So you’re also from America?” This caught the attention of the two to my right (a brother and sister) and they chimed in as well. So we all get talking and I learned that the brother and sister are from Florida, which is where I go to school. The couple were from Alaska, which I’ve never been to so it was quite intriguing getting to learn about them. We kept talking until the lights dimmed for the start of the show, which by the way was absolutely incredible. If whoever’s reading this ever gets the chance to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise live, don’t pass it up. Here’s a fun fact: I first heard about RKS while studying abroad in Italy my freshman year. A boy in the program was friends with the lead singer’s brother. Isn’t that wild? It’s so crazy how one thing leads to another. Anyway, the show was perfect and I left feeling so rejuvenated and alive.

The point of this is similar to that of my last post: Get out there. Don’t let fear stop you from having experiences. You’ll regret it if you live your life within your comfort zone.

 Rainbow Kitten Surprise at Heaven, London.