UK Diaries : Moving Across the World


The act of traveling brings so much excitement and unknown to my mind. These pass three weeks alone have engraved lots of confidence in my abilities. Upon arriving in the United Kingdom, my friend and I faced some difficulties with our planned transportation to our accommodations. Which may I add, our destination was two-to-three hours from our current location. We unfortunately missed our bus due to delays that were out of our hands. Moments like these, where you can’t predict the future and have no control over the situation are real learning points. We had to work with one another in brainstorming a new way to get home within the time-frame of our move-in hours. Our most affordable and quickest way of getting to our accommodations was the trains, so we got our tickets and made our way down.

Things to note in this scenario are we each have two suitcases, additional carry-on and most underground trains don’t have lifts. With that, we faced challenges like putting our physical strength to the test and lugging our suitcases up two flights of stairs ( multiple times ) and losing each other on the train. In further detail, after lugging our suitcases onto the train and boarding we both took a seat in lots of distress. As we took the time to catch our breathes and process everything, my friend noticed we were at our stop and needed to get off the train imeditiely to catch our next train. My friend rushed off the train and I followed, except as he exited and I followed behind the train doors closed and detached me from him. I saw immediate fear strike his eyes through the other side of the glass and after my long day of travel I had a quick rush of hopelessness. That rush of emotions hit me like a big wave in the ocean but I had no time to stand there and let the tide take me in but rather swim up to surface and take control.

This was an experience that taught me to think critically and stay optimistic. I had a list of reasons to be upset but I pushed through obstacles and learned in that moment to be independent and find solutions. Without cellular service I managed to find my friend, we eventually made it safely and on time to our accommodations. Instead of looking at this as a representation of what our new journey has to come in a negative aspect, I saw this as a representation of how much growth and learning is to come. This experience may have caused some stress and soreness but it gave me a boost of confidence in our abilities to think critically and work together. I gained a new perspective on things that do not go as plan and learned to take everything one step at a time. Aside from getting out of my comfort zone by moving to a new country, I am building more comfort with the thought of unknown and change that might arise in my everyday life and encounters.