Typical Day of a HKU Biology Student





We went to the core medical facility to access the flow cytometry room. This technique is to determine whether annexin and PI has stained the treated cells.


Today in Social Work in Healthcare Setting, we learned about how to make care if the elderly and the different types of dementia. First, to get an elderly to open up, you should try asking what type of hobbies they enjoy doing. Most of their significant memories are made during their middle age, so the seniors of Hong Kong are interested in Chinese opera and movies. The speaker of mentionrd that if you open up, the seniors will also and may share personal stories that aid in recording as their background information.

In Clinical microbiology and applied immunology, we learned about the differences between immunoprecipitation and coimmunoprecipitation. Immunoprecipitation is similar to immunohistochemistry, but this technique takes place in liquid column. Antibodies are added to the serum in hopes to react with antigens of the target molecules. This interaction settles to the bottom of the column and is treated with an ezyme that emits a fluorescent signal. Coimmunoprecipitation is an advancement of as the immunoprecipitation where two different proteins are examined. This allows to study their interactions or to visualize two targets under one slide.

Lecture of Counseling in Healthcare Setting

West Gate of HKU

Medicinal Chemistry lecture in Rayson Hall