Two Weeks Left?






After I had the realization that I only have two weeks left in Chile, I freaked out. Well, I guess you probably know that I’ve been freaking out every single day ever since I passed the middle of the semester; however, this week hit differently. 

I made more international friends, and I began to envision me missing them when I go back home. I don’t know why my mind does this to me, but I can’t help it. I always think about the sad, inevitable truth. I also met a very cool Colombian girl, whom I have developed a crush on. Can you believe it? Right when I’m about to leave?? What am I supposed to do now? Leave heartbroken? I GUESS SO! *sighs and grunts in sadness* 

Anyway, this week my friends and I were all freaking out because we have almost no time here left, so we decided to some fun things before leaving. Like, get tattoos that will leave Chile imprinted on us indefinitely! Okay, well I didn’t get one (only because I decided not to spend my money of dumb things because I got robbed two weeks ago), but three of my friends got one, and I went to witness it and make memories with them! Here is a picture of us:

I fell asleep during part of the process, but my moral support never disappeared! I still went, and it still counts. 

We also decided to buy Dominos and have a feast! My friend, Gordon, even brought ranch because they don’t give it to you at pizza shops here. It was a great time. Let me tell you. We ate the entire family-sized pizza, pizza rolls, and breadsticks within 10-15 minutes. That’s what I call a great way to spend one of the last lunchtimes with your pals! 

Then on Friday, some friends and I took a day trip to the beach. It was a little bit cold, as it is now autumn in Chile, but it was still lovely—maybe even more beautiful than it would be in the summer. The beach was kind of hidden behind a forest and there weren’t too many people there. There wasn’t a lot of room, which is why it seems like there’s a lot of people, but the picture is a lie. It was a very chill day.

Overall, this week was a mix of freaking out and trying to engage in activities that would force me to enjoy my last days here. I also have finals coming up, which I’m a little bit nervous about because, well, they’re finals.

I realized I don’t really talk about academics on my blog, which I probably should’ve done, but to summarize my academic life: It’s been going very well. I find everything I’ve been learning very useful and interesting for my career and my life. My professors are very cool and knowledgable people. I’ve had to write a lot of essays this semester, but my English and History double major kind of entails that, so it’s been good.

I really feel that I’ve grown a lot during the past three months and from here on out, I’m just going to study for these finals and enjoy my time with the people I’ve met.