Twist and Turns





Just a night out in Hongdae, eating a waffle with friends!
The first time meeting my friends! They are just awesome!










One of my first impressions coming to Korea was going to class, doing homework, and repeat over and over again. I figured if I get all of my work done, I would be able to come home and return to my normal life. I was afraid of making friends, talking to others because I was thinking they would judge me. Most of my friends tell me that I am an introverted, I would be the person who would avoid a conversation with anyone.

Coming to Korea, I knew that had to change because I did not want to be alone forever. During orientation, there was an ice breaker where students would all mingle with one another. I was still nervous, I only talked to just a few. My intention was to be the person who you could talk to anytime, I wanted to see what it would be like to be the fun and energetic person. One thing they forced was to form groups, so we were always paired with many students. Most of us were all shy and no one felt like talking, so I had to get the ball rolling. Once I introduced my, everyone followed along! At that moment, I felt like I had an impact because I made others becoming social with one another. In fact, that is how I met my first friend Gabriela! We both spoke Spanish and we felt comfortable talking with one another.

On our way home from an adventure at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park.
We took a picture with a music artist performing! She was great at singing!







Once orientation had concluded we all went our separate ways, I headed off to the McDonalds I saw some people from orientation and I asked to sit with them. They gladly said yes, and we talked for a while about where we are from. Now Jiho, Anders, and Hendrick became best friends! Slowly and slowly I was making new friends and connections from all over the world. One thing that kept me sane was always talking to my family. I would give them updates about what I did, or places that I visited! They would support me by telling me to have a great time! I loved taking to them because it makes me feel like I am home. Even thought they are miles and miles apart, I know they will be in my heart forever.

The reason I bring this up is that it is normal acting yourself everyday. What were to happen if you were put into a different situation? It takes some time to get use to it, do not assume that you can just jump right on in. You need to be the person who will open up so other can see that you are not so different after all! Even for your emotions, I am a happy person all the time. But, there has been times where I have been sad, and lonely no matter how much I talk to my family. I am thankful for having supportive friends, because they have helped me in times where I have had some my darkest hours. Even during these times of mid-terms, each one is there supporting the other and providing words of encouragement. I tell myself that no matter where I go and far time will take me, I am thankful for getting this experience and making long lasting friends! Stay tuned for more adventures soon!


My friends that I made on our trip to Gyeongju!