Troubles and worries






My last blog was hectic and was very stressful. So I haven’t updated this blog in a while, but I’m here! At Yonsei, I am currently taking five classes and usually students at my school take 3. Even though I’m an econ major I’m taking a theology, philosophy, and art class on top of a human ecology and sociology class. The classes aren’t that hard, but the emphasis on attendance had me a little stress because being 5 minutes late will get you marked late and you can be listed absent within 30 minutes. One professor even publically kicked a girl out of her classroom of 71 students because she was absent for 7 weeks worth of class (at least she didn’t see the other 70 students having bug eyes at the professor as she publically called her name 3 times before also sending her name to the international office.) Also, the same class that said I wouldn’t be allowed to sit with my other peers because I was one of the last people to get in and the international office would not provide desks or chairs to students who override to get into the class.

At the Yonsei library, I GOT KICKED OUT TTvTT. at the library there are study spaces where you have to reserve a cubicle to study, so I did that and then a one of the student workers came up to me to hand me a card saying that this is a warning because this was a no laptop zone because its distracting to other students. I was flabergasted. Apparently they put it on my record so if I do it again I can get my library rights revoked. Imagine being told you type too loud and its distracting in the US…

Aside from classes and school, I had CARD FRAUD and I haven’t been able to pull out my money for two weeks. Luckily my venmo connects directly to a bank account so I have been able to pay people to pay for me at registers. The cons of this is that we have to calculate the conversions and they usually say a number that’s closer to the USD price rather than the krw price.

At least I got to try out a Tanghulu for the first time…