Trip #1 – Tokyo


On my first trip outside of Nagoya (my host city), I went to the capital of Japan, Tokyo, and it was a fantastic experience.

In high school, I watched a movie named “Hachiko.” Every time I see it, it does not fail to make me cry with the beautiful story about a professor and his loyal dog named Hachiko. I remember, at the end of the movie, it said that it was based on a true story, and there was a statue of Hachiko in front of the Shibuya station in Tokyo. On my first day in Tokyo, I ran to Shibuya station to find the Hachiko statue. As a dog lover, it was one of my most emotional experiences. And it was amazing to see all the people around the statue enjoying the beautiful statue.

It was getting late, but my friend wanted to see the Tokyo Tower at night. It was fun because we had to take the train and make it on time to take the returning train (because the stations get closed at specific times). Thankfully, we saw the tower and took pictures of it as memories.