Transportation Trouble in the UK!


When I first arrived, the first obstacle I had to overcome was public transportation. Back in New Jersey, there are very few options for public transportation. The majority of people, like myself, utilize driving a personal vehicle as their own means of getting to where they need to be. Mass transit has certainly been a new experience to master as I had no prior knowledge about how to get to and from somewhere; it can be utterly terrifying. However, I can confidently encourage anyone now after experiencing it for myself that a bit of patience and taking a few deep breaths will remind you that it will be okay.

As someone who has some social anxiety, it is particularly challenging for me to talk and or approach others. So, when I was confused about where to go in terms of transportation at the airport, I had to ask someone that could help guide me and help me understand. As scary and intimidating as it was, I proceeded to ask. They were so kind knowing I was not from the area and explained, giving me a much better clarity of how it works in London. There have been multiple bumps in the road of missing the train or taking the wrong bus, but I learned every time what I did wrong. Yes, it is overwhelming and the reminder in my head is “it’s not the end of the world,” that I can just get off and get on another type of transportation. I can confidently now go on transportation without a worry about where to go.