Train to Busan





This week is my third week in South Korea and things are starting to settle into place. I feel at home when living and going to classes in Korea University. I have had fun exploring different parts of Seoul and become very familiar with the subway system. However, it has been some time since our study abroad group has got together and had trips together. Therefore, this week is finally time for us to come together and visit the second biggest city in South Korea- Busan. And yes, we are taking the train to Busan, but no zombies on this train of course. This will be another trip out of the city and getting a more in depth looking into the more countryside of Korea.

After arriving in Busan by train, the first place we visited in Busan was the famous fish market called Jagalchi Fish Market. The whole market was indoors inside a huge building. Everything was inside the same building, but the seafood variety inside was no joke. From the most common fish to the rare seafood that some don’t even know the name of, the market was like a seafood world. The outside of the building was right next to a river that seemed to have been a source of import for the seafood coming into the market. The smell of the river and the sunny day made the perfect day to visit the fish market. The scenery from the top floor of the building made the experience even better. Being able to breathe in the fresh air was so calming.

As we continued with our excursion, we entered into the well-known location where the Busan International Festival took place. The iconic structure at the entrance of the buzzing street gave off a different feeling than a normal street in Seoul. After we had lunch, we visited the Busan Tower and the stores that surrounded it. Then we boarded our study abroad bus to Oryukdo  Skywalk which is an uninhabited island that has a glass structure connected to it provided a closer and unique view to the beautiful colors of the ocean. Being able to feel the summer breeze against my skin as we sat together on the rocks with my friends was a moment I would never forget. So before we had to leave, I took in all of it as if it would be my last time to before I come back to Korea in the future.

As our excursion continued, we had to move on to our next destination. This time we were going to visit the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple to better understand the religious aspect of Korean culture. As we walked by, the Lucky Coin Divination caught our attention and each attempted at throwing a coin into the stone bowls for good luck. Finally by my fourth try, I managed to land a coin into the bowl and it was time to make a wish. But of course I would say my wish in this blog. ;P

However, seeing all the Buddha statues and other religious structures made me realize how much Korean culture was similar to Chinese culture. However, although we are all Asians, there are still differences that makes our own culture unique from one another.