Toy Expo and Tokyo Disneyland! – Week 2






June 9th

Week Two started off with a bang!

Meaning I fell down some stairs. Yes.
I managed to sprain my ankle while I was at it… Which made time for me to avoid working again, yaaaay! Except not really “yay”, because staying in bed when there’s an entire city to explore is boring.

I had my friend over to help me get better, and she explained to me the best cure for a sprained ankles was… going to Disneyland Tokyo? I couldn’t really find any fault with that. Plus, after talking with one of my Japanese roommates, I learned that it was only a 20-minute train ride away which was! Very exciting to hear!

Disneyland was so much fun, even if I was limping the entire time! After that, we went into the city and got conveyor belt sushi from Genki Sushi which was so cool! The sushi came straight too you after you ordered it! (although it was a bit subpar… grocery stores seem to have the best sushi by far here.)

The rest of the week was more depressing intern work… except for Friday! I was sent on a mission to record the International Tokyo Toy Show! I was absolutely amazing, and I had the best time. There was so much to look at and people kept handing me free things, something like what I imagine heaven is? I was so happy!

Hopefully, next week will be just as fun, wish me luck!