Touring South Korea – Adventures in Busan Part 2





The next weekend in Busan is filled with wild adventures and new discoveries. From the endless cafes to the beautiful beaches to the Gamcheon Cultural Village, we hopped around and discovered even more sights and delicious eats.

At the Gamcheon Cultural Village, I learned about its true histories. In the 1950s, this was a simple village built by Korean refugees. Over the years, as the population grew so did the homes and its multi-story floors. In 2009, the government decided to renovate the place, painting the buildings with beautiful art and colorful homes. While visiting the area, it was nice to see a growth of tourism, so there is more traffic and increased spending in Busan. Yet, it still felt strange that a person’s private home was a tourist attraction. There are areas that show the overview of the Gamcheon Cultural Village along with places where tourists would need to travel around people’s backyards to learn about the history of the Gamcheon Village. An educational yet strange feeling that continues to play out.

Pictured is the Gamcheon Cultural VIllage and delicious grilled clams and scallops located by Haeundae Beach.