Touring South Korea – A Walk Around Daegu





Our last stop before heading back to Seoul is Daegu, about an hour ride from Gyeongju. The beautiful café, Romance Papa, is our first stop after breakfast. Its coffee contains an interesting cinnamon flavor and a beautiful atmosphere, playing calming and upbeat music. After, we headed to the Duryu Park and Daegu Tower where the trees are filled with life and colors. The trees in Korea are so different compared to the United States. In South Korea, there are more colorful leaves — some bright red and others an ombre color. I will definitely miss Korea’s scenic nature attractions and parks!

As the trip concludes, I am excited to go back to Seoul in the bustling city. As much as I love Busan, Gyeongju, and Daegu, Seoul captured my heart with its fast-paced energy. Though, I always love a good time away from the city.

Fun fact: Daegu is known for its technology industry. I did not know that while I was there! I stayed less than a day, so I did not see this side of Daegu, but I am excited to revisit this place in the future to learn more about its technology and textile influences.