Tour of Chinese Open Air Market






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As I have gotten into a particularly convenient schedule after getting used to life in Chengdu, and with no particularly interesting or noteworthy developments in my Chinese language study or cultural exchange to speak of (this is mostly due to the fact that I still spend 90-95% of my time these days listening and getting used to picking up the tonal and contextual intricacies of spoken Chinese while only actually speaking about 5-10% due to my limited vocabulary), I thought it beneficial for myself to escape the confines of the dormitory and monotony of endless linguistic study sessions by going out into the city to bask in the hustle and bustle of daily Chinese life. I decided to bring along my camera and take a little trip to the neighborhood fresh, open-air market to give all those following my blog a view and taste of a small Chinese-style market where locals gather to purchase everything from produce to meat and even spices which they will use to prepare the night’s dinner, as well as baked and steamed goods for on-the-go breakfast the next morning. I hope when watching the video you enjoy not only the assortment of foods, but also the wide range of social gatherings of friends and relatives in and around the market.