Too Much So Much Very Much Right Now!





Hello again.

Just an FYI the title of my blog only slightly reflects how I am feeling about learning Thai at the moment. But moving on, it (my blot title) is the title of a song that Nicole and I have agreed to sing at the talent show at the party ISDSI is throwing to thank our host families on Tuesday. It’s a pretty popish song. We are also going to try and learn some of the dance moves by then.

Not much has happened since I last posted. Pi Mac and Pi Nan (who are family friends that live at my house) took Nicole and I to a mountain last Sunday to take pictures. It was fun. My host mom also taught Nicole and I to make Sankaya, a Thai snack. It is steamed eggs with coconut milk, sugar, flower, and other goodies. I got to mix it all up with my hands!

We have been talking a lot about Burma and stateless people this week in class. It is interesting, but some of the videos we watched yesterday of people facing the Burmese army was hard to watch (lots of violence). I am still a little confused about the situation and why people there are fighting so I hope to learn more. Today we are going to meet some Lanna elders though. Lanna is the kingdom that Northern Thailand used to be called a long time ago but some people want to remember Lanna Culture.

Enjoy the photos.