Tokyo Tower and Odaiba




Along the same weekend, I went to two incredible places within Tokyo. The first place I went to was Tokyo Tower in Roppongi and the second location was Odaiba.

With a few friends I made in my class, I decided to go to Tokyo Tower with them on an impulse. I had never been to Tokyo Tower and neither did my two other friends so we thought it was a good idea to visit to get a true Japan experience. It’s like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. The walk to the tower was actually somewhat intimidating because it’s such a monumental landmark that’s featured in so much popular media and the closer we got to the actual location, the bigger it kept getting. At some point, we were underneath the tower and words cannot describe how big the base of the tower was, it was really mind boggling. We actually got into the tower and along with the entrance fee, we were given a tour of the different floors of the tower as well as independent time to explore the tower itself. The view was very nice since it wasn’t too cloudy, and we could actually see the entire city of Tokyo as well as the neighboring prefecture of Chiba.

The next day was my trip to Odaiba, Japan’s artificial island. Every Saturday, the city host a firework display show that’s open to the entire population. I went with a relatively big group so it was also a new experience for me to be hanging out with such a big group of 9 people. but overall, the view of the firework was very stunning, and throughout the entire show, I realized that I hadn’t seen any actual fireworks since I was a little kid, and I was watching them for the first time as an adult. The view of where we stood to watch the firework was able to cover a good percentage of Tokyo and even Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge, so it was really interesting to see the view of Tokyo Tower when I had literally been there the day before and looking at Odaiba from the top most floor of the tower.