To Vacation in Italy is to Know Happiness


I think one of the most exciting parts of studying abroad for me was Spring Break. I’d been looking forward to it since I enrolled in the London program, and it did not disappoint. My friends and I went to Venice, Italy and it was (by far) the most gorgeous city I’ve ever seen. It felt as if I were in a movie; everything was so bright and the views were stunning. While I’m loving the United Kingdom and London itself, the rumors are certainly true: it is rarely ever sunny here. It’s cloudy almost all the time and it rains a decent amount. I almost forgot what it felt like to lay in the sun until I went to Italy. As soon as I stepped off the plane, the warmth and the sun instantly lifted my mood. And for the next 5 days, we were blessed with amazing weather. Unfortunately, it was still a little too cold to swim in the ocean, but we did take a Gondola ride which was exciting (but also scary? I was worried about tipping over, but luckily, we made it back dry). My number one tip for eating in Venice: don’t eat at the restaurants right near the water. The prices are so high and the food quality wasn’t my favorite. I’d recommend going to a smaller restaurant somewhere on the city streets. It’s authentic Italian and the prices are significantly lower. Also, wood-burning ovens are illegal in Venice so if you’re searching for the best Italian pizza, this city might not be for you.

Then, we went on a boat tour to two different Islands: Murano and Burano. Both of these Islands were stunning. Murano is known for glass making and we were able to see a glass making show. Everything on the Island is homemade, so I knew I had to buy a few souvenirs for my family. Burano is known for its brightly colored homes, which were exceptionally picturesque. I think we took more photos on this Island than we did throughout all of Italy.

We also made friends with a few Italian people, but the best part of the trip: we witnessed a proposal! As we were taking pictures on the Rialto Bridge, the couple next to us got engaged. It was such a special moment, and being able to witness it was an experience I’ll never forget.

But the best part of my vacation: not having any homework to do while I was away. If I had to give any advice, it would be to finish as much work as you can the week before you leave. Nobody wants to be stuck in an Italian hostel, having to write an essay.

And then, it was time to come back to London. I had such an amazing time over my Spring break and I’ve continued to have fun in the UK. All I know is that next Spring break has a lot to live up to!