To A New Beginning!




New Semester, new friends, and new opportunities!

I had my first class of the semester this past Wednesday. It’s nice finally getting back to school mode where I am constantly learning new things, meeting new people, and staying productive. The class is called Digital Strategic Communication; it deals with public relations, branding, case studies, consumer’s research, and many more interesting concepts! I am excited to finally be enrolled in a course that is more practical and applicable to my studies. In addition to this, I am also enrolled in a creative writing course! We will be spending the semester forming a portfolio of our written work – something I think is necessary to have when searching for internships and part-time positions in the future. Another equally exciting (& nerve-wracking) course I am taking is Danish language. I am happy to announce that I will be resuming to this course after a semester break. I am nervous but very much look forward to applying and practicing Danish with classmates and colleagues.

Some new and exciting opportunities I have laid out for myself this semester include: volunteering at non-profit cafes – Cafe Retro and the Studenterhuset, and interning at an accessories start-up! Since this is my last semester in Copenhagen, I want to be as involved as possible with the people and the community.

So far, 2017 has been rewarding. I have taken a greater initiative to become involved in my abroad community, and am feeling more content and satisfied than ever. Remember! Your exchange experience is what you make it. Take chances and remember to make it great ;)