The Time Went Fast – Only Three Weeks Left in Hong Kong





I only have three more weeks in Hong Kong which makes me think and reflect more on my experience living in a different culture. It can be challenging trying to adapt to a new culture, a new way to do things and a new way to communicate with others. However, the challenges that we face will always help us to grow and appreciate the opportunities that we have in living abroad. This is my first time to live on my own, and I have learned that sometimes we are our only obstacle, because if we believe that something is possible, no matter how challenging things can get, we can do it!

If someone has asked me four years ago if I could see myself doing an internship in China, I would have probably answered “I would like to, but is just not possible”, because I for some reason I always thought that going abroad was only for people that have money and I will never be going to be able to afford that. But, here I am doing an internship in Hong Kong, thanks  to the people who believe that we can do it. That motivated me to continue “echandole ganas” and gives me energy academically and in life.

Last week was nice here in Hong Kong. It was not raining, and the humidity wasn’t that bad. I was able to walk and explore a bit more of these beautiful island streets. At work, the pace is less stressful, because we only have a few weeks left to go. I had been trying to leave everything organized for the new interns in my company, because I will not be able to see the finished product myself, but I am happy that I was part of it. I can only say that it is an app, and it will hopefully be finished by September.

I applied for a Chinese visa two weeks ago, and they approve a two entry visa. I will have the opportunity to visit the mainland. My roommate’s family lives in a village in Guangdong, and I will get to visit them next week over the weekend.

I will share some pictures of the company’s the interns team and my visits to Hong Kong’s streets. I will be back next week with a new journal entry.

HeroesToo Interns.
Sham Shui Po.
My roommate (Angelina) buying ice cream in Mong Kok.
Central Library bridge last Sunday.
Hong Kong Park.
On my way to Admiralty Station.