This Tastes Really Good. What is this?




A Culinary Adventure 

I would consider myself to be a foodie. I enjoy visiting new and upcoming restaurants in my area, and I enjoy a plethora of different types of cuisines. I have even eaten many different foods ranging from scorpions to duck brains. Almost anything can be food, and nearly all food is good in some way. I was excited to try food in China, but I was not aware of what foods I would be eating once I entered the country.

My first experience with Chinese food was at my university’s cafeteria. I was apprehensive during this experience because nothing in the cafeteria was labeled. I was going in blind. I chose foods that looked familiar, and I was rewarded for taking that path. I enjoyed it! It was flavorful and filling; it was a positive first experience.

My first meal in China.
Is this a Dessert?

I do not have to have desserts after every meal, but there are times when I need sugar so much so that I would go to any lengths to get it. I have had many desserts while in China, but I am not really sure I’ve enjoyed them all. I cannot read the descriptions for most of them, and most desserts that I have are new to me.

Dessert from a Korean cafe.

The desserts are always beautiful, and they often have a fruit component. I feel like they are much healthier here, compared to the US. When purchasing packaged desserts, they usually have few ingredients, and they aren’t very sweet. They can be eaten guilt-free.

Yes, I like “American” food

I feel like I have encountered more “international” food than Chinese food while here in Beijing. This is due to a large number of restaurants around my campus that try to serve cuisine from other countries. I have had Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Italian, and American food from several restaurants in my community. I love this, I do, but the food is often not executed well. I am not sure what the purpose of these restaurants is, but I think they are supposed to help give people in China a glimpse of what cuisine in these countries would taste like.

Pizza from a restaurant that was popular among foreigners.

These restaurants seem to be most popular with younger people in the community, and their prices are often five to six times more expensive than regular restaurants in the area. This is similar to back home in the US, where prices for specialty restaurants can cost almost twice as much as a traditional restaurant. I would assume that China is going toward this trend because of their increasingly global presence. As their middle class learns more about the world and its culture, they are more interested in experiencing that culture.


There are many different types of cuisine in China, and they change depending on the region. I will not be able to try them all, but I have been very impressed with what I have had so far. Food is very affordable in China, and I will miss that when I return home. I will not be able to purchase such high-quality food for such a low price. The food here is often fresh and I have been able to stick to healthy options easily.