Theater Night


Classes are coming along well. The discussions during the seminars are interesting because we get to work in groups and debate over a specific topic. Next week, it is “reading week,” and we don’t have seminars or lectures scheduled. This time is used to start thinking about the essays assigned and do the necessary research and reading. However, we do have to prepare a presentation for the module on Terrorism and Political Violence. This project is a group assignment, and my group will be meeting during “reading week” to start working on it. Each group has to present a terrorist organization, and my group has been assigned a left-wing terrorist group. On Thursday, after my morning class, I met with the librarian, and we worked on finding sources that I could use for my next essay. We found some sources, which I have been reading this weekend that I think, I will be able to use for the essay assigned in the module of Foreign Policy Analysis and Management. The prompt for this essay requires to critically assess based on examples of leaders how factors of personality, psychology, and cognitive bias affect foreign policy. On Friday, I was able to make it to Pilates class! Exercising helps me unwind, and I also like to visit with the ladies in that group. Over the weekend, I went to London’s Chinatown to eat. I loved the food, and in the evening, I went to the theater to see Jersey Boys. I had wanted to see this play for quite a while, and it was very special to be able to see it in London. It was a great show; I really enjoyed it. I am also keeping up with my school in South Carolina, particularly because this is the time of the year we schedule advising sessions for the Spring Semester. I have met with my advisor, and everything is in order with the classes I need to take next semester and during the summer to fulfill my graduation requirements. I am very excited about it because I should be graduating by Summer 2022. I can’t believe I am getting close to my graduation goal!