The Weekend Before Exams






Recently, I have been enjoying myself in the day to day activities of school. For example, I have been doing term projects with my finance group, reading my investments textbook, and sometimes playing badminton. It always seems like there is not enough hours in a day.
Exam week begins on monday. I have 5 exams. No matter how well I have prepared in the last couple weeks, I still feel as if I am drowning. In particular, my investments midterm will be the most difficult because I did not take the prerequisite class. It is too late to give up or drop the class. On sunday, I will dedicate 12 hours to that class.
This morning, I spent 2 hours at the kindergarden. Those hours were precious study time that I forfeited. However, I am happy I went there. The people that facilitate the volunteer program mentioned at the beginning that it is something that we need to be dedicated to. For example, if we don’t show up then the children will think we forgot them. I like to talk to the children, for the most part because my Korean language skills are just about the same as theirs.
Now it is time to return to the books.