The Typhoon That Got Away




Another week has passed in the South of Taiwan. The entire country was put up in arms recently about the impending typhoon, and in result, our weekend trip to Taipei got cancelled. However, even after all the panic, the typhoon never even ended touching the island. Currently, the typhoon is about to make landfall in the Yangtze river delta near Shanghai, China. But what the typhoon lacked in torrential downpour and unbearabe winds, it made up for in beautiful cloud formations and sunsets. 

It was raining steadily all week and it just got better this weekend. Therefore, my classmates and I went to the beach, the port, and stumbled across many night markets to quench our insomniac tendencies. At these night markets we found many different types of cuisine. I never really knew what to expect stinky tofu to smell like, but I was not prepared for it when it happened. I think the best way to describe it would be a pair of dirty socks. It really does smell bad, and I have yet to muster up the bravery to try a piece.

This week will be a tough one filled with classes, homework, and this weekend a trip to the city of Tainan to experience more of this beautiful island. So far, I haven’t gotten food poisoning once, nor have I even felt bad like I did in China. I believe this has to do with cleanliness of Taiwanese food, as well as the less apparent pollution. Hope to keep this streak up!

Until next week,