The Power of Nature !





My last entry was scrambled and all over the place. This entry I would like to talk about what I am actually studying. Madagascar is full of animal and plant species found no where else in the world. Therefore it would make sense that I am learning about traditional healers and the many medicinal plants that exist here in Madagascar. For so many illnesses and diseases single plants or a combination of them, can be used as a remedy. You can use the leaf, sap from inside of it, or the root of it. It can be made into a tea or a bath. I never considered this huge contribution by nature. With the arrival of modern medicine and training of doctors, traditional healers were discredited and even now are not taken seriously. Although one aspect of their practice that stands out is that they heal the mind, body and soul. They seek to cure the whole person not just the disease. I am learning in my class how integrating modern medicine and traditional medicine could be a great thing. They can complement each other, save money and save lives using natural products. It seems simple but there is so much controversy and it is not as easy as it seems.