The only American in the class






I have been taking my language class for a few weeks now. I am the only person from the United states in my class. As a result I have met many people from many different countries. Whether from Taiwan, Croatia, Korea, Spain, France, or Denmark, they have all been eager to share their cultures and experiences with me. It’s been a prolonged intercultural exchange!

I have made a new friend named Phillip who is from Denmark. I love hearing about his culture and country. He is a master’s student studying physics, and He loves to rock climb. He makes his own beer and mead as well which is very interesting! We even spend time showing each other music from our respective countries.

I also have new Spanish friends. There are three of them in my class with me. we shared with each other food, and taught each other dances from our home countries! they live very near to me so it has been nice having people to walk to and from school with. It is nice that we are all learning German, because we can easily switch between languages, which helps with practice! Theres so much multicultural exchange.

It is really interesting to see how other people think and how they speak. There are so many cultural differences between us, yet we are able to understand each other perfectly. We can exchange our experiences and our perspectives. In doing this, we all become more understanding of one another. I have learned a lot more about different cultures in just these two weeks than I have in all my years so far. To anyone that is thinking about studying abroad, you need to do it. It has been such an enriching experience so far and it has only been a few weeks! Thanks for reading!