The New Dorm Experience





I am about to have my first true dorm experience. I don’t believe that living in Creekside dormitory back home counts as a dormitory experience and in the Netherlands we all had our own rooms but our doors were always opened.

 There are four beds in each room and there is a private bathroom. Not all 5 of us are in a room but we are split two in one and three in the other. It is quite nice. There is only one huge problem. There is no Wi-Fi in the dorms. There is some in the Lobby but inside the room we revert to the middle ages. We also won’t be able to get internet for over a week via Ethernet cable. It might be a nice change of pace but I don’t know if it will be enjoyable.

 During one of our nightly gatherings in the Lobby for Wi-Fi, we encountered a group of pre-teens who were staying here for a science camp. I learnt from their counselor that they all came from rural villages throughout Turkey and that they were trying to encourage them to pursue a STEM field. Kids are really ROWDY. They were challenging us to arm wrestling competitions and cracking jokes- or at least I think they were cracking jokes. They spoke very little English and I was at the point were I still spoke no Turkish aside from Hello (merhaba) and chicken (tahvook).