The Last and Most Stressful Week of Classes Before Spring Break (Week 7)


Week 7 is the most stressed I have ever been on this program. It is the last week of classes which means that there are a whole bunch of projects due. I started out the week by taking a day trip to Greenwich. Our school provided us with tickets to go on a boat ride to Greenwich and we walked around so much. It was actually very interesting and pretty. I think my favourite thing we did was go to the market. They had some very good food and it was amazing. We also went to a museum there which had a lot of interesting exhibits. Although the trip took a lot longer than I expected it to, it was still a good bonding experience with my floor mates. After we got back, I had a lot of homework I had to work on. In addition to the partner paper I had to work on, I had a group presentation due the next day. I was very stressed this day and felt like that was the longest night ever. The next day, on Monday, I presented with my other two partners on the sustainability walk that we did. I think it went pretty well but I am very happy to be done with it. After class, I began working on my final paper for my History of Modern Design class. For this paper I had to write about a specific person and their artwork. I actually enjoyed writing this paper, mostly because I was able to focus on history. I wrote about the Victorian era and what it was like. However, because this paper did have to be 2,500 words it took my three days to write. Although I did only spend three hours at a time to write this paper it turned out well. I started the paper on Monday and finished it by Wednesday. I took a lot of breaks in between as my brain no longer seemed to work. It felt like I overworked my brain trying to focus on this paper for so many hours at a time. It was a big relief to finally finish it. Then on Thursday I had my final for my British Politics class. We had 90 minutes to respond to two questions. I felt like I prepared as well as I could have but when the exam started my brain just blanked. I think I spent far too much time answering the first question which then left me with what I felt was not enough time to properly answer the second one. At the end I was just happy to be done with the final. That same day I started and finished my British Politics final paper. I began writing it in the morning and after much deliberation on what I should even write my paper on, I started it. Since all of my floor mates had class it meant that I had no distractions. I was able to sit out in our working area and worked on my paper the entire day. I think I sat in that chair for about 5 hours. Frankly, I only took a break to eat something and I was completely set on finishing it the next day. Thankfully two of my other friends were also working on their papers and we managed to turn it into a competition. I find that I work better under pressure and this definitely helped with that. I managed to finish the rest of my paper in 2 hours. I was very happy to finish. Since Thursday was technically my last day of class before spring break, I did nothing on Friday. I took a well deserved break and went exploring in the Westfield Mall. I took the rest of the day to do laundry and revise my final papers and prepare for spring break. The week ended with a nine hour bus ride to Scotland to begin our week long break.